The Twilight of Men

Dramatization – Scenic Reading of the novel of Angelos Terzakis

I assembled human forms, that live in a historical determined season and I watched their career, their relations, their reactions to the facts . It is a season critical that tore apart a lot of veils. Incurious! The novelist has debt to the all persons of his work, leaving in the other the care, if they want, to judge them. Besides, the sanctions, are imposed by life itself. The novel just interprets life’s laws. It doesn’t change them.                                                                           Angelos Terzakis

Distribution of Roles:

Christina Kapadocha: Lisa Ronia
Polyxenie Savva: Christina Lionda
Stelios Cliaras: Giannis Liondas
Yiannis Koukourakis: Dimos Ronias

All the students take part