The Female of the Species

by Joanna Murray-Smith


Direction: Katerina Nikolopoulou
Translation: Amu Passa
Lighting Design: Marios Koutsourelis
Scenery/Costumes: Maria - Eleni Kapotopoulou

Anneta Papathanassiou: Margo Mason
Amu Passa: Molly Rivers
Christina Kapadocha: Tess Thornton
Dimitris Moschonas: Bryan Thornton
Christos Sirmakezis: Frank
Stephanos Athanassopoulos: Theo Reynolds

Margo, a famous writer and “inflexible” feminist, tries to write her new book, isolated in her country house. The front door is strangely blocked by a big cow. You could say that this cow is there in order to prevent Margo from any intruders. However, one by one, five persons, find their way in through the french door. Each one of them has something to share, something to negotiate, something to claim or something to reveal. The egocentricity of heroes, the relations between Margo and her daughter Tess, Tess and her husband, Margo and her editor, the taxi driver and women in general, set up gradually the characters of the play. Characters with an incredible need for love which they try to hide behind excessive and messy behaviour. They don’t listen to each other. Only when they are threatened, they appear to realise the reality and try to comprehend each other. Little by little they all bend, revealing how much they need to be loved.