The Bacchanals

By Mikra Theatricals - Movement Director

Voila! Europe Theatre Festival, Etcetera Theatre Camden, London, 14-18.11.17
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 13-25.8.18

'Tell me, what they're like, these rituals of yours?’
Mikra Theatricals invite you to draw back the curtain and take a peek backstage into a world of paranoia, madness and drama!
The Bacchanals is a dark comedy which explores the gender politics of Claissical theatre. A piece of new writing, inspired by Euripides's Bacchae, which asks: what happens if you trap a chorus of actresses in a small room, throw in some Greek mythology for good measure and turn the pressure up?

From a review:
The feminist interpretation of Euripides text is clear from the beginning, as the piece opens with an erotically-charged choreographed tableau (movement choreography by Christina Kapadocha) – a kind of ritualistic manoeuvre that nods to the play’s Ancient Greek origins. But as successful as these choreographed moments are, there’s also an interesting side-effect that reverberates long after the choreography is over: I don’t think I’ve ever seen such precise ‘chorus work’, if you can call the work of the ensemble that, on the stage before.

Director: Phoebe Ladenburg
Movement Director: Christina Kapadocha
Cast: Aamira Challenger, Lauren Orrock, Kaiti Ntroudi, Alexandria Macleod, Bess Roche, and Josh Richards

photo credits: Stevie Roberts