STRUNG (This is NOT Rubbish)

by Tanja Beer, Collisions 2013 -
New Research in Performance Practice-performer

RCSSD, London, 3.10 & 30.10.2013

Strung Video on Vimeo

Strung in The Guardian amongst the most sustainable shows on stage.

You can find a few words on my experience as performer in the following article. The article unfolded the story behind the postcard printed by The Society of British Theatre Designers:

‘Strung: The Story Behind the Postcard’, co-author as performer with Tanja Beer (concept and scenography), and Jacqui Holland (active scenography), Blue Pages: Journal for the Society of British Theatre Designers, No. 3: 26.  PDF

If you would like to read more on the project as discussed by the scenographer Tanja Beer, see the following link to her recent article in Theatre and Performance Design (2016)

photo credits: Alex Murphy