Alice in Wonderland

Adaptation: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou, Asteropi Lazaridou

NATIONAL THEATRE OF GREECE – Children's Theatre, 2009-2010

Direction: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou
Sets - costumes: Magiou Trikerioti
Music: Kostas Gakis
Choreography: Maria Koliopoulou
Lighting design: Giorgos Fakouras
Dramaturg: Asteropi Lazaridou
Assistant to the director: Argyro Mavrogeorgi
Assistant set designer: Dimitra Hiou

Alice discovers an extraordinary world of adventure when she follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. But that is not all, for Alice’s landing is far from smooth and she breaks into three: body, heart and mind.

The weird and wonderful universe in Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou’s radical reworking of Lewis Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland» is a place where young and old alike will be able to recognize something of themselves. The three Alices know that they will never be happy unless they can find one another and that something will always be missing. They will return to the world above once the mind understands the heart, the heart feels the body and the body embraces both.

Cheshire Cat, Crab, Caterpillar body, Playing Card: Dimitris Antoniou
Hatter, Animal, Caterpillar body, Frog Footman, Crab,
Playing Card: Stefanos Achilleos
Dormouse, Bill the Lizard, Crab, Playing Card: Dina Vidali
Queen of Hearts, Narrator, Animal, Caterpillar body: Maria Beligiani
King of Hearts, Puppy, Dodo, Door: Orfeas Zafeiropoulos
Alice (Body): Evdokia Kakiouzi
Griffin, Animal, Caterpillar body, Playing Card, Narrator: Christina Kapadoha

griffin: strange creature, half eagle and half lion.
It's a bit grumpy but good-hearted.
In his spare time he flies and sees wonderland from above

Knave of Hearts, Narrator, Crab, Caterpillar body, Door,
Animal: Spyros Kyriazopoulos
Mock Turtle, Animal, Door, Caterpillar body, Narrator,
Playing Card: Giorgos Makris
Caterpillar, Narrator, Rose, Animal: Tania Palaiologou
Alice (Heart): Lena Papaligoura
March Hare, Narrator, Animal, Caterpillar body, Crab,
Playing Card, Door: Christos Pitsas
Cook, Animal, Narrator, Caterpillar body,
Playing Card: Stella Pozapalidou
White Rabbit, Narrator, Animal,
Caterpillar body: Petros Spyropoulos
Duchess, Door, Animal, Playing Card: Dimitra Stavraki
Alice (Mind): Vassiliki Troufakou

photos credits: Michalis Kloukinas