13 Objects - Study of subjection

Howard Barker


Translation: Velentzas Serafeim

Direction: Dimitris Lignadis
Scenery and Costumes: Antonis Daglidis
Lighting: Tassos Palaiotouras
Movement: Fokas Evaggelinos
Assistant Director: Eleutheria Benovia
Stage Manager: Babis Kalantzis
Assistant Stage Designer: Konstatzia Sarafianou
Assistant Producer: Sofia Dermitzaki

Interpreted by the second year students of National Theatre Drama School: Dimitris Antoniou, Eirini Georgalaki, Christina Kapadocha, Christina Karatza, Nikoleta Kotsailidou, Polyxenie Savva, Stavros Svigos, Anna Maria Stefadourou, Thanassis Tatavlalis, Michalis Titopoulos, Vassiliki Troufakou, Stavrina Psimopoulou

13 objects. Daily. Incuriously. Cheap. Such as a spade or a rattle. But what would become if something was capable enough to cause teardrops? To initiate a big passion? Or even more to become the reason of a war? The vigorous poetic language, the provocative ideas and the black humour are mobilized in order to explore the narrow personal relation that we often
acquire with the simple objects and their secret life.